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Mini Atomiser


This new generation of atomisation technology releases millions of beneficial microbes into your living spaces, cleaning the air, surfaces and objects. Battery or USB powered with various timer settings including a photo-sensitive setting that turns the unit off at night. Repel allergens, neutralise odours, enhance hygiene and build immune systems with the We Are Probiotic atomiser.



Restore balance with our mini atomiser. It releases a fine mist containing billions of beneficial microbes.

Allergies: Billions of beneficial microbes are released by the WE ARE PROBIOTIC atomiser and they gobble up allergens like pollen, dust mite waste and pet dander.

Odours: Probiotic misting is the perfect way to actively neutralise bad odours, rather than attempting to mask them. WE ARE PROBIOTIC microbe blends can also include essential oils for a natural fragrance.

Boost Natural Defences: We are the first indoor generation and most children are simply not exposed to enough beneficial bacteria. Environmental probiotics create a balanced environment by bringing the benefits of nature indoors.

Pets: Our products create healthier and more natural environments for pets to thrive in. The probiotic spray also destroys pet odours and pet dander. If you have pets, you should be saying WE ARE PROBIOTIC.

Mould and pathogens: Create a micro-flora shield of environmental probiotics and stop mould growth in its tracks! The good bacteria released will combat the bad bacteria and create a more balanced, healthier environment

100% Natural and Eco Friendly: Hand brewed with love in the English countryside. Bring the natural balance of nature into indoor environments.


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